Adam Creighton and Murdoch’s Australian smear Donald Trump

 Gerry Jackson

Adam Creighton (The Australian’s ‘Washington Correspondent’) had barely touched down at Dulles Airport when he wrote a piece for The Australian noting that in his fours years of office Trump had “notched up significant achievements1”. Then Creighton’s irrational loathing for Trump kicked in for a moment when he falsely accused Trump of having a “repulsive personality”. It’s been down hill ever since. Seven days ago he hit rock bottom with a viciously dishonest attack on Trump2. It was atrocious smear-mongering at its worst, written by someone who had lost any sense of common decency he may have once had. A real journalist would not have had anything to do with it, which is why Paul Kelly, The Australian’s editor-at-large, will have loved it.

Regarding the illegal Mara-Lago raid Creighton, insinuated that Trump, and therefore every president before him, did not have the authority to declassify documents3. This is lie. Creighton damn well knows that according to a1988 supreme court ruling a president can declassify anything he wants at any time and in anyway whatsoever. He is not constrained by any official or unofficial procedures. Moreover,  a 2012 decision by Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee, ruled that a president had a right to any document or recordings as his private property.

Hence the National Archives and Records Administration has no legal right to assume control or ownership of White House documents at any time. These are facts that the intrepid Creighton neglected to report along with the fact that the current head of the National Archives is a Trump-hating leftist. Therefore, Creighton knowingly lied when he accused Trump of “ferreting away classified documents to his Mar-a-Lago Florida home.” Nevertheless, Creigton quoted Mike Pike Pence to the effect that Trump had no authority to declassify documents, making Pence every bit the liar that Creighton is4. If  Creigton were a real journalist he would have sought out an authority on the law regarding documents and presidential authority. He refused to do so.

Thinking he had dealt a severe blow to Trump’s reputation he then turned to New York Attorney General and Democrat Party activist Letitia James’ support for his assault on Trump’s character. Why didn’t Creighton tell us that James’ lawsuit charging financial fraud is a lawsuit that has no victims and no crime? Trump had already been investigated with the result that no evidence of wrongdoing was found. Moreover, Trump did not default on repayments to these banks. Everyone debt was repaid. In addition, none of the institutions he is supposed to have defrauded lodged a complaint against him. This is because these institutions made their loans according to their own evaluations of Trump’s assets. These institutions never accept at face value the asset evaluations of would-be borrowers.

How can this hate-driven harpy launch legal action against anyone when there are no victims? Because an election is on the horizon and she is in trouble. If Trump had been guilty of any criminal misconduct James would have filed a criminal indictment against him. Instead, she  filed a civil suit as a publicity stunt. A real journalist would have reported these facts. Not Creighton.

Getting into his stride Creighton tells that Fani Willis, a district attorney in Georgia, asserts that “she believed serious crimes had been committed and individuals would face prison.” Needless to say, Willis is another deeply partisan Democrat who hates Trump. What is the ‘crime’ this time? According to the ever so honest Mr Creigton it was Trump’s “infamous phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state to “find 11,780 votes”. Balderdash! Anyone who reads the phone transcript (available on line) will see there is nothing at all infamous in it. Once again Creighton is lying.

What Trump did during the call was lay out that the reason why there was voter fraud, and that all he wanted was an honest count, which he didn’t get. Those media liars like Creighton parrot the 11,780 out of context. Trump told Raffensberger that “there’s no way I lost Georgia. There’s no way. We won by hundreds of thousands of votes.” This was later followed by: “So look, all I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state,…”  Creighton’s insinuation that Trump was urging Raffensberger to create votes for him is an outrageous lie. Creating votes is what Democrats do.

Democrats in Georgia were videoed triple-counting votes and loading false ballots but Fani Willis is not going after them. Some 240 leftist ballot traffickers dumped thousands of ballots into drop boxes in the middle of the night but Fanny Willis isn’t going to prosecute them. It is a fact that a huge amount of voter fraud has been uncovered in Georgia but Creighton pretends it isn’t so otherwise he would have to report the truth about the Democrat Party’s election shenanigans.

If Creighton really believed Trump lost Georgia he would not hesitate to ask why Democrats fight to the death against forensic audits. He would also write about democrat law officers refusing to charge people who were caught committing fraud. Two films were recently released exposing large-scale voter fraud. They are 2000 Mules and Rigged. Naturally, our fearless and trustworthy Mr Creighton refuses to acknowledge their existence.

The intrepid Creighton was evidently having too good a time to call it a day because he then raised the case of E.  Jean Carroll. She accused Trump of raping her 30 years ago.  A federal appeals court in Manhattan threw her case out because a lower court erred when it ruled that Carroll could sue Trump for defamatory statements during his presidency.  A small fact that Creighton neglected to mention . He also failed to tell us that this vicious harridan asserted that she still had  the dress she was wearing when Trump was supposed to have raped her. When NYPD offered to test it for DNA in order to confirm her accusation she refused to hand it over. Something else Creighton failed to report. (He does fail to report an awful lot.) He also failed to report that Biden had been accused by Tara Reid, a former staffer of a serious sexual result. Naturally, the media buried her story. As far as they were concerned Biden was the victim, not Miss Reid.

This brings to mind Miss Cassidy Hutchinson. Calling it a “bombshell” Creighton unquestionably reported this woman’s statement that  Trump knew protesters were armed and probably dangerous before he encouraged them to march to  the Capitol. Some bombshell. Hutchison was, to the embarrassment of Democrats, quickly exposed as a liar. She dropped out of sight as quickly as she had appeared. Oddly enough, Creighton forgot to report that little fact.

Creighton tells us that a “relentless barrage of negative press has chipped away at the former president’s standing.” What he did not say is that it has been a relentless barrage of smears, outrageous distortions, lies and false accusations. The most infamous of which was the Russia hoax, which Creighton refuses to report on along with the Biden regime’s fascist pursuit of its critics.

In For gorsake, start laughing – this is seriously funny5 Creighton tells us that “[a]musing governments are better than malevolent ones”, oblivious to the fact that the Biden regime is not amusing and by any measure it is the most malevolent government America has ever had, an administration that has turned the FBI and the DoJ into the weaponised arm of the Democrat Party. And our dear Mr Creighton has not noticed a thing.

Creighton’s reporting on America’s southern border is a sick joke. He called it an “ulcer” for Biden. He knows damn well that the Biden regime deliberately created the crisis  by abolishing the border and openly inviting a mass invasion and yet he sugar coated it for Biden while trying to make Trump look bad. With respect to the border wall he states that all Trump did was “extended only 84 kilometres of fencing in areas where none had existed6.” This is a brazen lie. Trump build 732 kilometres of a border wall consisting of 18 to 30? foot steel barriers. The total length of the wall was about 1,127 kilometres. Part of the wall also included parallel fencing for use by border patrols. The wall also included new roads, lighting, sensors and cameras. Yep, Creighton is a damn liar.

Let’s take a look at just a few things the honourable Mr Creighton has refused to report on: The Democrats and their corporate media allies relentless race-baiting, Biden’s corruption, Hunter Biden’s laptop which the FBI tried to bury, the story of FBI whistleblowers exposing the politicisation of the agency, The FBI designating parents as “domestic terrorists” (sic), the FBI Whitmer kidnapping entrapment scandal, FBI spying on President Trump when in office, Crossfire Hurricane, a seditious FBI plot to overturn the Trump presidency, Hillary Clinton’s significant role in Crossfire Hurricane scandal, the fact that there was “a ton of FBI informants” at the capital when it was breached, the fact that Ray Epps, one of the instigators of the breach, has not been arrested, and  the fact that Pelosi and Mayor Browser refused President Trump’s offer of increased security for the capitol.  However, Creighton did cheerfully parrot the Democrats’ lie that it took Trump 187 minutes to respond to the breach of the Capitol. In fact, he took only 25 minutes. He claims Trumps candidates are failing and yet these candidates won over 90 per cent of the primary elections they contested. It seems Mr Creighton isn’t very good with numbers.

It needs to be stressed that Crossfire Hurricane, otherwise known as the Russia Hoax. is the biggest and most corrupt political scandal in American history, a scandal that the mass media, including Murdoch’s Australian have done everything in their power to suppress. The so-called media have becoming a willing extension of the Democrat Party,

Fortunately there is Miranda Devine, a shining light at what has become a viciously politicised media cesspit. She works for the New York Post, America’s oldest newspaper and  now owned by News Corp. Devine is a real journalist, what was once called a reporter’s reporter. Despite facing a barrage of abuse from leftists, not to mention Democrats, she does, unlike Creighton, research her subjects and reports the facts without fear or favour. Despite continual fusillades of hate and threats from the left she fearlessly pursued the Biden family’s corruption. She also reported on Biden Hunter’s incriminating laptop that the corrupt FBI leadership falsely claimed was “Russian disinformation.” If only Murdoch hired more like her with her courage how different the media would be.

So what gives at Murdoch’s Australian? At the moment one need look no further than the paper’s editor-at-large, Paul Kelly, a man so rabid in his views Pravda would have fired him. Mention President Trump in his presence and he immediately descends into a frothing frenzy. Every piece he wrote on Trump was packed with vicious lies and distortions. According to this hate-driven toady “Donald Trump is  “a political criminal7” an enemy of constitutional democracy8”, “enemy of American democracy, its constitution and the will of the people9.” and stands guilty of “fascist law-breaking10.” Kelly is an even bigger liar than Creighton. This deranged excuse for a journalist published an article by the execrable Alan Kohler, an atrocious liar, who accused Trump of “sedition11” and a man who “could create a second recession12”, even though he is no longer in the White House.

Unfortunately, the cowardly and mendacious behaviour of these three political hacks is par for the course in our so-called media. And incidentally, while these three gents of the media condemn Trump for challenging the election result and alleging fraud they have nothing to say about Democrats doing the same thing for the last 20 years. Although Hillary Clinton is still asserting that Trump, with Russian help, stole the 2016 election and that she is the rightful president our media ignore her completely in order to focus attention on Trump. The same three gents also refuse to support any attempt, including forensic audits, to determine whether or not there was voter fraud. Now why is that I wonder?


 1Trump’s record on the economy is strong, January 23, 2021.

2Trump Gloss goes off, September 26, 2122.


4Ibid. (Mike Pence a GOP establishment hack as is the bloviating Lindsey Graham. If Creighton were a real journalist he would have sought out the opinions of several authorities on this particular aspect of the law. He refused because he was afraid of what they might have told him.)

5For gorsake, start laughing – this is seriously funny, July 13, 2022

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7Donald Trump is a political criminal, not just a Populist, September 28, 2021




11America’s Double Trouble. November 24, 2020.


8 thoughts on “Adam Creighton and Murdoch’s Australian smear Donald Trump”

  1. I have never read such a savage take down of a journalist. You have absolutely shredded Creighton, He seemed pretty decent when he was here but being in America has allowed him to reveal his true colours and they are not pretty. The man is an outrageous liar. The quotes by Paul Kelly and Kohler are unbelievable. Murdoch must have been mad to hire Kelly. This mob are insane. It takes someone like Gerry to expose these people

  2. I am very disappointed in Adam Creighton who is a very senior journalist in the Australian Newspaper. He has a lot of credentials academic and otherwise but he has not lived up to them in his writing.

  3. Just read the Creight piece. Unbelievable!!! The guy is shit. And Kelly and Koler are a right pair of lunatics.

  4. One swallow does not make a summer. There have been a few articles that are not that bad but in writing a critique of a journalist one has to use the overall trend of many articles. More importantly, Mr. Creighton, you made no effort to refute the serious allegations made by Mr. Jackson.

  5. One or two reports that are easy on Trump don’t cut it. Trump is the most maligned, the most investigated and the most abused President in American history. Why don’t you report that? You mindlessly repeated the Democrats’ garbage on the Mar-a-Lago raid, a raid that has now dropped out of sight. You followed the Democrats’ dishonest propaganda line on 6 Jan without once referring to the Democrats’ seditious attempt to overthrow the Trump administration with the use of a fake dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton, that falsely accused Trump of treason by being Putin’s stooge.

    You didn’t tell your readers that a couple of days before the demonstration Trump offered 10,000 troops as additional security for the Capitol but Pelosi and mayor Bowser refused the offer, (I wonder why?) You never once referred to the corrupt Mueller investigation that cost $40 million dollars and whose real aim was the destruction of Trump. You uncritically reported Cassidy Hutchinson’s lies about Trump. After she was exposed as a liar you said nothing.

    When Decent God-fearing parents were designated as domestic terrorists you remained silent. When 25 to 30 FBI agents forced their way into Mark Houck’s house to arrest him for his Catholic pro-life activism you said nothing. That these armed thugs terrorised Houck’s eight children by waving semi-automatic guns in their faces didn’t bother you one bit, did it? All of this for a crime the FBI and the DoJ knew he did not commit.

    You deliberately gave readers the impression that only 120,000 illegal aliens had crossed the border when it was millions. Not only are you ignoring the millions of illegal aliens invading the US you are also ignoring the huge amounts of fentanyl the Mexican cartels are shipping into the country and which is killing tens of thousands of Americans. You avoided telling readers that the Biden regime had in fact abolished the border. You never reported on the rampant corruption at the FBI and the Department of Justice. You remained stony silent on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the corruption it contained. You never reported Biden’s corruption. You never bothered to investigate any allegations of voter fraud. Neither did you report the collusion between big-tech, the intelligence agencies, the FBI and the Biden regime to censor critics.

    And there is a damn sight more you haven’t done.

    Whatever you are, Creighton, you ain’t no journalist, unlike Miranda Devine. This is a woman who has more testosterone than all of the male ‘reporters’ at The Australian put together. The only thing in your favour is that you are not as bad that disgusting pair of pathological liars Kelly and Bramston.

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