Adam Creighton’s paints a false picture of Joe Biden’s train wreck of an economy and ignores the impending recession

Gerry Jackson

Adam’s Creighton’s reporting from Washington is appalling. It has to be otherwise his bosses at Murdoch’s Australian would sack him. The job of every so-called reporter that rag ships to the US is to whitewash Democrats and disparage Republicans. At the moment more Democrat scandals are exploding into public view but rather than report them,  thereby upsetting his bosses, he chose to write happy-clappy garbage on the wreck of an economy that Biden and his America-hating left-wing controllers are creating. In do so he shames himself.

America is heading into a recession and there is no stopping it. One of the most important indicators of an impending downturn is the PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index). When the index is above 50 output is positive; when it falls below output is contracting. The American PMI is now below 50 and falling. Since April is has contracted by 17 per cent. Last September American manufacturers announced the biggest contraction since the end of the 2007-2009 recession. (Australia’s own PMI has dropped by about 25 per cent since April and is still contracting,)

Creighton was jubilant over the Biden regime’s job report that the economy created nearly 270,000 jobs in November. Now far be it from me to question the integrity of a regime whose outrageous corruption (corruption that Australian ‘journalists’ refuse to report) that is making it America’s only infamous administration but those jobs figures should be taken with a large dose of salt. The household survey is considered by many to be the more accurate measure of unemployment and it found that instead of 270,000 jobs being created there was loss of 138,000 jobs accompanied by a fall in the labour force.

Perhaps feeling himself on a roll he happily tells us that things must be great in the economy because in October family home sales rose by 7.5 per cent, giving an annual rate of about 630,000 a year.  Someone once said that the devil is in the details, and details are what Mr Creighton is good at leaving out. Since January of this year 250,000 people, 40 per cent of 630,000, who took out mortgages to buy a home are now underwater. Also missing from his cheery prognosis is the fact that during the same period new family home sales dropped by 25 per cent. On top of that, sales of existing homes have fallen by about 28 per cent.

The reason for the housing market situation is the rise in interest rates. At the beginning of the year they were 3 per cent and now they stand at 7 per cent, a 133 per cent increase –– with more to come. Creighton does refer to the rise in the interest rate but somehow fails to make the link to the state of the housing market. Instead, he gives the impression that the economy is booming with his reference to car sales, ignoring the fact that these sales come from a trough and funded by credit. All of this is very strange when we consider that Creighton admits American households are becoming poorer because Biden’s inflationary policies are cutting real wages.

I’ll finish with some needed political points. Creighton makes out that Trump refused to campaign for Hershel Walker in the Georgia run-off for a Senate seat. This is not true. Walker’s advisors refused to invite Trump. I think Walker can thank Lindsay Graham for that mistake. Also ignored is that McConnell and McCarthy spent 40 to 50 million dollars attacking Trump candidates instead of Democrats! There are very few politicians as self-serving and despicable as McConnell but Karl Rove comes close if not even. This loathsome creature had a Political Action Committee campaigning for the radical Democrat Josh Shapiro, a left-wing fanatic, against the patriotic Doug Mastriano because Colonel (rtd) Mastriano is a Trump supporter. Yep, Rove is a real peach.

Finally, there is Hunter Biden’s laptop containing details of Joe Biden’s corruption which the Australian ‘media’ has been ignoring. Now earlier this month Creighton did write a report on it. But why now and not when he first arrived in Washington? Where was he when Miranda Devine was publishing her book on the laptop? The sad fact is that he chose to come late to the party and that’s why he  didn’t touch the story until he thought it was safe to do so. Then there is the Biden-created disaster at what was once the southern border, the violations of the Constitution by the FBI, the DOJ and the DHS. Where are reports on these stories? We also have the Democrats’ treacherous scheme to use mass immigration by illegal aliens to subvert the electoral system and drive down wages. This is another scandal he is ignoring.

Unfortunately, if poor old Creighton did manage to muster the backbone to publish any of these scandals  the deranged Paul Kelly would spike them and then drag him back to good old Botany Bay for a damn good flogging.

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  1. Just read the Creighton post. It’s a shocker. None of these guys can tell the truth. What is the matter with them? You completely shredded him. That’s twice you have exposed him as a mouthpiece for the Biden mob. I did read his Tweet report and found it piss weak, as if he was embarrassed for writing it. You are right to go after him for not doing it sooner. The Australiam is now just a useless rag.

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