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George Soros’s fascist economics part 2

Gerard Jackson

George Soros’s fascist economic thinking, part 1

 In December 2011 Obama addressed the Democrats in Osawatomie where he amused these cultists by savaging trickle-down economics while heaping fulsome praise on Roosevelt’s policies: the same policies that kept the American economy in depression until WWII forced Roosevelt to change course. (Compare Australia’s record during the Great Depression with that of Roovelt’s).

Obama — the man who was praised by a corrupt media and sycophantic leftists masquerading as journalists as an outstanding intellect — didn’t know there is no such thing as trickle-down economics. The so-called trickle-down theory of prosperity is a canard that Samuel Rosenman, a Roosevelt speechwriter, concocted to malign Republicans and free markets.

The ignorance of history and economics that Obama displayed in his Osawatomie speech is truly staggering and exposed him as a thorough-going historical ignoramus with a fifth rate intellect who is totally lacking in intellectual curiosity. But this travesty of history that Obama mindlessly parrots is exactly what George Soros believes. It is this and nothing else that explains why he stands four-square behind the ignorant reactionary that occupies the White House. Continue reading George Soros’s fascist economics part 2

George Soros’s fascist economic thinking, part 1

Gerard Jackson

Soros once used the op-ed pages of Rupert Murdoch’s Australian to push the same fascistic anti-market line that Democrats are now regurgitating with gusto and which America’s phony media is falsely passing off as informed economic analysis. According to this billionaire currency speculator and profound political thinker it is not Islamic fanatics that threaten democracy but free markets. Continue reading George Soros’s fascist economic thinking, part 1

Australia and the Great Depression: What you don’t know but should


Greg Byrne

 I think this article about Australia and the Great Depression might open up another chapter on that economic tragedy.  It reveals that contrary to the standard view Australia in fact suffered a near monetary collapse and it was this massive deflation that sent the Australian economy into depression. It is a known fact that manufacturing led the recovery. What is revealed here is that though real wages (nominal wages divided by the price level) remained stable during the depression the real factory wage in terms of output fell by 43 per cent! It comes to the remarkable conclusion that Australia recovered not because of the Premiers’ Plan but because the Plan did so little while allowing prices to do their work.

Continue reading Australia and the Great Depression: What you don’t know but should