Dianne Feinstein’s so-called torture report and media liars

The viciously rigged so-called CIA torture report that a vindictive group of Democrats lovingly constructed has been so effectively savaged for its outrageous bigotry, blatant dishonesty and calculated distortions that I didn’t think I could add anything worthwhile to the what the critics were saying, until a reader emailed me a link to Business Insider that had published a report called The CIA’s Post-Torture Problems Have Just Begun. Oddly enough this so-called reporter omitted any reference to the Democrats’ own torture problem: the fact that leading Democrats had been fully informed on the subject and that the Jay Rockefeller went so far as to urge the CIA to be even tougher on terrorists. Yep, it was all the fault of those nasty conservatives.


This sanctimonious piece of phony journalism came from Reuters, an organisation that has the same amount of respect for the truth as did Der Stürmer. Several examples will suffice to make my point:

In 2006 Reuters’ Anthony Boadle, a so-called reporter and Castro toady, confidently asserted: “There are no credible reports of disappearances, extrajudicial killings and torture in Cuba since the early 1960s, according to human rights groups.” This is an absolute lie. Then there was the second Lebanon War when Reuters photo-shopped photographs of Israeli air strikes in order to favour the terrorists. There was, for instance, the case of the 2010 Guerrilla Flotilla, an attempt Israel’s blockade of Gaza by pretending to deliver ‘humanitarian aid’ to those lovely peace-loving Palestinians.

When Israeli troops intercepted the ship Reuters tried to portray them as neo-Nazi storm troopers by phot-shopping out of the photographs the knives the ‘peace loving’ terrorists on the ship were carrying. And this reminds me Reuters so-called freelance journalist Adnan Hajj. He produced photos showing huge amounts of dark (because dark is so much more dramatic) smoke billowing up from Beirut after it had been brutally attacked by those nasty jackbooted Jews.

Fortunately for the truth, when it came to photo-shopping Reuters’ boy on the scene was not up to that phony news organisation’s usual cheating standard. To save face Reuters was forced to fire him. When it comes to doctoring photos Reuters could have taught the Nazis and communists a few tricks. To be fair, Reuters’ hateful opinion of the Jewish state is shared by the ‘media’ at large, particularly the ineffable New York Times whose opinion page staff editor Matt Seaton recently defended the Palestinians’ Nazi attitude toward Jews.

And now Reuters is at it again. This time they are whining about sadistic terrorists being roughed up. And that’s what was missing from this phony report: the word terrorist. Because, and you had better believe it, Reuters claims to have a

long-standing policy to avoid the use of emotive words, we do not use terms like ‘terrorist’ and ‘freedom fighter’ unless they are in a direct quote or are otherwise attributable to a third party.

These lying creeps think that this patent humbug allows them to get away with putting terrorist in scare quotes. The truth is that Reuters is lying again. They never had a “longstanding policy” on such matters. Its terrorist sympathies are plain to see. The smoke had barely cleared from the rubble of the Twin Towers when the despicable Steven Jukes, who was then Reuters news director, piously announced:

We’re trying to treat everyone on a level playing field, however tragic it’s been and however awful and cataclysmic for the American people.

The murderous savages that hi-jacked airliners and then flew them into the towers massacring 3,000 people are, deep down, really ordinary folks like you and me. Reuters also ordered its New York office in Times Square to take down the Old Glory because it didn’t want anyone to think it supported the US. Yep, when it comes to choosing between civilised people and the savages these creeps can be relied on to choose the savages every time. Reuters being Reuters means that there was worse to come. The blustering Steve Jukes who seems to see himself as some Olympian creature who stands above it all declared:

We all know that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter and that Reuters upholds the principle that we do not use the word terrorist.

Unlike Jukes and the rest of the Quislings that infest the media the great mass of people know terrorism when they see it. They know there is a moral chasm between real patriots and the murderous savages that Jukes and his ilk try to cover for. What else can we expect from a bogus news service whose management virtually handed the whole of its TV footage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over to PLO film crews who then supplied them with Israel-hating propaganda disguised as news events depicting Palestinians as victims of Israeli storm troopers?

So the self-righteous mob that won’t use the word terrorist and wants a “level playing field” for sadistic butchers piles on the CIA for trying to prevent future terrorist atrocities. This is from the same two-faced crowd that never attacked Bill Clinton’s policy of torture by proxy. Rather than authorise effective interrogation that did not result in death or permanent injury he preferred to implement the Rendition Program that ordered suspected terrorists be transported to countries known to employ extremely painful interrogation techniques that frequently resulted in permanent injury and were often even fatal.

So why did Business Insider unquestionably run this crap from Reuters along with other attacks on the CIA? Because Business Insider was set up by Obama crony Kevin P. Ryan who makes sure that his little online rag follows the party line. This fearless little rag ran a breathless puff piece (14 December) cheerleading the “tens of thousands of protesters marching through New York City”, except that it was actually 25,000. This intrepid ‘reporter’ also neglected to mention that the march was organised by the race-baiting Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. Naturally, there were no references to the Democrats’ policy of inciting racism.

Business Insider would argue that a march of 25,000 through New York is news and deserved to be reported. Last year approximately 500,000 pro-lifers gathered in Washington to protest abortion. It was completely ignored by Business Insider and buried by America’s phony media. You can bank on one thing from this mob: whatever promotes Obama’s agenda will be promoted. News does not have a damn thing to do with it.

 A media sympathiser could point to the IRS scandal as evidence that the media do report stuff that damages the Democrats. But they only report that which they cannot cover up and even then they try to downplay it. It was the same with the IRS scandal. Although it broke in 2012 the media did not start paying attention until 2014 and then they still covered for Obama. Their behaviour is so brazenly bigoted that last June even Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, exploded, rightly pointing out that the reporting was so bad that it helps explain

why conservatives don’t trust national newspapers. It’s why they don’t trust broadcast news. There’s a double standard and you can see it on every broadcast. You can see it on the front page of every major newspaper. This is why we don’t trust the national news outlets, because they are so biased and slanted.

 If the IRS scandal had happened during a Republican presidency and the victims had been leftists the media would formed a massive lynch mob and Mr Ryan’s Business Insider would have been carrying the rope.

America does not have a media: it has a fifth column.

After Christmas I’ll be posting about the insufferable Kevin P. Ryan.

Note: Defenders of Feinstein’s treason will use the few excesses that occurred to justify her behaviour. In every violent conflict there will always be excesses. In every violent conflict there will always be excesses. This is something that happens even between the police and criminals. What matters here, and Feinstein and her ilk knows it, is that those excesses that did occur did so outside the program. The fact remains that this so-called report was maliciously put together in such a way as to do the United States maximum damage while providing aid and comfort to terrorists. For the left, America is the real enemy and not the savages that rape, mutilate and butcher women and children.

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  1. As if Republican politicians are any different, rhetoric aside, than Democrat politicians. Sure Obama and the dems should face the music too, but if you believe in torture you’re too dumb to realize that it means they will, upon its approval, end up applying it to you.

  2. Torture my foot. Roughing up three sadistic killers to save even more lives is not torture, you moron. Did you even read Gerry’s footnote? If twits like you had your way there would be even more terrorist victims. That you didn’t even condemn Feinstein’s lies is proof enough to me that you think America is the real villain.

  3. There is something wrong with these drongos. Evil attacks and they attack the defenders. Whose side are on, as if I didnt know.

  4. Gerry,
    1) torture rarely works. People simply give you answers they think you want. Ask John McCain!
    These’excesses clearly didn’t.
    2) if you have a moral compass you simply do not do torture. It doest matter what people have done. It separates the law abiding people from the anarchists.
    3) torture sorry excesses was actually done on people that were not terrorists as well as people whom were.
    4) when you do this then they will do torture sorry excesses even more.
    5) This ends up you being as bad as them and all for nought.

  5. Ref: Nottrampis

    Unlike you, Homer, I think before I write. In 1978 Ireland took the UK to the European Court of Human Rights for its treatment of murderous IRA thugs. To the disappointment of IRA fellow-travellers the court found that subjecting IRA prisoners to excessive noise, depriving the poor dears of food, drink, sleep and keeping them hooded was not torture. That also included bracing them against a wall spread-eagled so that they were forced to stand on their toes.

    Waterboarding is not classified as torture in US law because it does no lasting physical or mental harm. Moreover, thousands of special forces operatives and US Air Force pilots were also subjected to waterboarding. In fact, waterboarding is part of the US military’s standard course in Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape known as SERE. And still you call it torture.

    So you think waterboarding scum like Khalid makes us as bad as him. This sadistic bastard helped plan the 9/11 atrocity. In 2002 he slowly hacked off the head of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl and then bragged: “I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew.” How dare you accuse those who roughly treated this monster as being no better than he is. The bastard is still alive and well. The same cannot be said of his many victims, particularly Danny Pearl.

    And by the way, Al Qaeda produced a manual on torture. One technique detailed how to scoop out the eyes of prisoners. It certainly requires a perverse turn of mind to put waterboarding on the same level as this barbarism, especially when one considers that waterboarding was the most extreme sanction that any of these sadistic terrorists suffered. Moreover, the practice ceased in 2003. So much for your stupid statement that “they will do torture sorry excess”. (By the way, straighten out your syntax).

    Your reference to the communist torture of McCain is also stupid. He was tortured because of who he was, not because of what he knew. That went for all the other American POWs who suffered torture for years, eight of whom were literally tortured to death. If you knew anything about the Hanoi Hilton you would have known that.

    You say that the CIA program yielded no results. That’s a lie. I pointed out that a number of former directors and deputy directors of the CIA stated that it yielded information that helped identify bin Laden’s courier. Maybe you think they are all lying. General Michael Hayden, who had been CIA director, emphatically stated that the interrogation techniques saved American and allied lives and resulted in the capture of senior al-Qaeda operatives, disrupted terrorist plots. George Tenet, who had been a director of the CIA, stated that the agency had obtained more valuable information from the interrogations than all other government agencies combined. Maybe he is also lying. Leon Panetta declared that “bottom, we know we got important, even critical, intelligence from individuals”. John McLaughlin, who was deputy CIA director from 2000 to 2004, also gave example of critical intelligence from the interrogations.

    As for abuses, did I not say that these took place outside the progam’s guidelines. In fact, the CIA voluntarily sent about 20 cases of abuse to JoD, only one was prosecuted and the perpetrator was imprisoned. Moreover, even the corrupt leftwing Holder couldn’t find legal grounds for prosecutions.

    If innocent people were mistaken for terrorists and then given the rough treatment then that was regrettable. I have, however, asked a few self-righteous twits, to provide me with details of these innocents and the circumstances of their arrest . I am still waiting.

    This was a phony report and was rigged from the very beginning by a gang of leftwing scumbags. The proof for this lies in the fact that they refused to interview anyone who had been involved in setting up the program they were going to attack. They also refused to interview those like Hose Rodriguez who ran the program.

    When the communists were having fun torturing American POWs the left never objected. When Castro tortured people to death, and still does, the left never objected. When Castro shot down over international waters two Cessna Skymasters manned by Castro opponents on a rescue mission, killing four people, the left said nothing. (Not strictly true, prominent leftist Tom Hayden defended the murders). When Clinton implemented the rendition program that shipped prisoners to countries from which there was no return, the left did not object. When it comes to Obama’s drone policy, which knowingly does kill and permanently maim innocent people, there is scarcely a whisper from the left.

    I also noticed that in all the comments attacking the CIA over the so-called torture of these sadistic thugs, including yours, there is not to be found one word of sympathy for the victims of theses savages. Another thing I noticed is how leftists uncritically accepted every word of the report even when it was exposed as torturing the truth to arrive at a leftwing conclusion.

    Leftists have absolutely no moral right to condemn the CIA. Come to think of it, they have no moral right to condemn anyone.

  6. That cartoon said it all about the media and lefty critics. Then notrampis comes over here and confirms it. He didnt show the slightest concern for the victims and that backs up what Gerry said about the left.

  7. Gerry ,no Gerry you do not think at all.
    Waterboarding has the person believing they are going to drown. Not torture? who are you kidding. sticking things up a person’s bum isn’t torture? electrifying people isn’t torture? Hanging people up by their writs isn’t torture?

    You have lost your moral understanding completely.
    Of 119 tortured in the USA 26 were innocents indeed quite a few of them were formerly quite good informers!

    The report looked at the information gained BEFORE torture, DURING torture and AFTER torture. and guess what. They got diddly squat during and after torture. The only decent information was BEFORE torture.

    The current CIA director has now changed his tune. He is saying it is ‘unknowable. the rest are simply generalising . They have to after the reort detailed their failures.
    All you are in essence are saying is they did it to us so we do it to them.
    It doesn’t work and by actually doing this the CIA actually gave Al Queada and now ISIL an acceptance they never had previously.

    and just what occurred to those people who were in ‘rendition’ in 54 countries which the CIA had ‘relations’ with.

    to some extent how you deal with evil people shows your humanity. It aint showing yours.

  8. This nottrampis joker must be dense. What he is saying is that we should let terrorists murder people instead of extracting the info that would save them.

  9. Nottrampis is one very sick puppy. Hes using this report to defend terrorists. He doesn’t want the scumbags to be forced to cough up information that will save lives.

  10. Ref: Nottrampis

    Complete rubbish. These thugs never thought for a moment they were going to drown and you know it. Forced to realise that waterboarding is not real torture you resorted to the vicious lie of claiming that I argued that “… sticking things up a person’s bum isn’t torture? electrifying people isn’t torture? Hanging people up by their writs isn’t torture?”

    You know damn well that the worst sanction was waterboarding. Anything outside of that was strictly forbidden. You are just parroting leftwing propaganda.

    “The only decent information was BEFORE torture.” Another lie. Once again you deliberately ignore anything that does not fit the left’s anti-American narrative.

    The current CIA director has not denied that the interrogation worked. What he has done is waffle to protect to protect Obama.

    Now you make the statement that the CIA gave “Al Queada and now ISIL an acceptance they never had previously.” Waterboarding gave these savages legitimacy! Now that is incredibly stupid. What kind of person would support these savages because other savages were waterboarded?

    Then you try to exculpate Clinton’s policy of torture by proxy by demanding to know what happened to those he had shipped out, as if nothing really happened. How about this, The New Yorker reported that Maher Arar was shipped to “Syria, where he endured months of brutal interrogation, including torture”. This was by the Syrian secret policy.

    By the way, the left took no genuine interest in rendition until Bush was elected. Now that Obama is president their interest in the program has mysteriously gone again.

    Not once did you refer to these terrorists’ barbarism. Not once did you recount any of the real tortures they inflict on people. Not once did you refer to the dilemma that civilised societies face when confronted by evil. So how dare you compare the CIA and people like me to these sadistic savages.

    “to some extent how you deal with evil people shows your humanity. It aint showing yours.”

    The real inhumanity is in refusing to confront evil. Therefore, how you confront evil will show the extent to which you understand it and are prepared to defeat it. In this respect people like you fare very badly indeed.

    As Adam Smith said: “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent”. You have shown just how very cruel the left is.

  11. I think everyone should make a note of the fact that the humanitarian nottrampis didn’t condemn the Obama policy of using drones to kill terrorists although it kills innocent people as well as permanently crippling others. So why didn’t he blame Obama’s drone policy for giving “Al Queada and now ISIL an acceptance they never had previously.”? Why not blame Clinton’s rendition policy as well? He attacks Gerry but endorses Clinton and Obama’s torture policies. What’s he telling us?

  12. That was brilliant, Nick. Notrampis is a hypocritical piece of work. Accusing Gerry of supporting real torture because he lost the argument on waterboarding is as low as someone can go. then he supports Clinton and Obama policies. With nottrampis it is lie after lie distortion after distortion. I notice too that humanitarians like notrampis are not attacking terrorists who really do torture but the people who are fighting them.

  13. Another great response. And spot on Sarah. As soon as you present Notrampis with facts he doesn’t like he just ignores them. Now hes turned to outright lying.

  14. I’ll tell you what I spotted. Gerry showed the report was fixed from the beginning. Nottrampis didn’t deny this but he still uses the report. He’s what Gerry calls a “political bigot”. He doesn’t care about the truth and he doesn’t about what the terrorists did.

  15. Very interesting indeed. Nottrampis questions Gerry’s humanity but does not offer a word of sympathy for the victims of terrorism. He doesn’t even condemn terrorist torture. All his hatred is directed not at the evil terrorists do but at what the CIA did to combat them.

  16. Gerry,
    you are living in an other universe. Waterboarding has as its is aim that the person believes they are going to drown.
    if you do not believq that then you are in an another universe!.

  17. The Report shows Torture does not work.
    you need to read the executive summery which you clearly haven’t.
    you do nor do what they have have done to you
    MK you clearly cannot read.

    If you do not believe water boarding is not torture then I am sorry you are a moron
    If you do do not believe making a person believing they are going to drown then you have lost your humanity!

  18. A sensation of drowning is not the same as drowning. Gerry is perfectly right. These sadistic killers you care so much about knew they were never going to be killed. Gerry is right, waterboarding is rough treatment and that’s that. I’m sorry it wasnt rougher.

    That executive summary is full of lies. Feinstein was called a liar by all of those former officials connected with the CIA and the program. She hasn’t denied it. Gerry explained that the report was rigged. That they wouldn’t even talk with anyone associated with the program is proof that the finding were fixed beforehand.

    You talk about losing humanity. You have never uttered a word of sympathy for the enormous number of people these Muslim butchers killed. You never expressed any sympathy for Danny Pearl and his family. You never condemned what that savage Khalid did to him. All your sympathy has been for terrorists. You are a moralising sicko, nottrampis. Your the one who has no real humanity. You give yourself away every time you come here.

  19. So I’m a moron, Notrampis, because I believe that sticking the head of sadistic murderer, while it is still attached to him, in to a bucket of water is not torture. This was not done out of vengeance but find out what the other savages were doing.

    I think you are a rotten liar. I think you know its not torture. You and the other lefty liars call it torture so that you can slime the yanks. Sarah is right about you being a sicko. Weve got your number, mate. Keep slithering back and we’ll give it to you by the bucketful.

    BTW I see the Sydney cops just arrested some of your Muslim mates for plotting to murder Australians.

  20. Thought I would take a quick look before going to bed and what did I find? Mr. Nottrampis. This guy’s stupidity is giving us all headaches.

    That report was like a communist show trial. Imagine dragging someone into a court and then denying him any defence and refusing to allow any witnesses on his behalf because the verdict was in before the arrest even took place. That’s exactly what Feinstein and her comrades did. It was foul. They had the verdict before they started on the report.

    This tells me what an absolute idiot Nottrampis is for falling for it. It was then that I remembered that this is the same guy who really believes that bombing a country’s cities will make it rich.

    Before I hit the sack I would advise Mr. Nottrampis that before he starts accusing others of having no humanity he should start showing a little humanity for the people Khalid tortured to death, particularly Danny Pearl whose head he slowly hacked off and then boasted about it.

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