Muslim terrorism in Sydney: the warning signs were there years ago

A Muslim terrorist murdered two people in Sydney, a week later counter-terrorism police in Sydney arrested Muslim supporters of the Islamic State who were plotting to carry out public murders. Almost immediately after the arrests Muslims in Lakemba, Sydney’s suburb, displayed utter contempt for Australia by organising a demonstration protesting the police raids. Demonstrators carried signs accusing the police of trying to “break the spirit of Muslims” and of “terrorising Muslims”. There were no signs condemning Muslim terrorism, particularly the recent murder of two Australians by a Muslim terrorist.

This brought to mind an exchange with a reader regarding the Sydney terrorist attack. He thinks I am too hard on Muslims. I think recent events support my stance. How many people realise that Haron Monis is not Australia’s first Muslim terrorist and the warning signs of Muslim trouble were buried by left-wing ‘journalists’? I am actually covering old ground here but it needs to be re-ploughed if we are going to put individual Muslim terrorist acts into some kind of perspective. Some years ago we had stories from leftwing agitators masquerading as journalists about how badly racist Australians were treating those poor oppressed Muslims. (One never hears of oppressed Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, etc., unless one reads about what happens to them when Muslim fanatics take power).

Yet these very same ‘journalists’ never reported the fact that in Sydney Lebanese Muslim goon squads had been terrorising the locals for years without a peep from these self-righteous media bigots. ‘Report’ after ‘report’ on the 2005 Cronulla riots stressed those Australian racists were the real problem. (Note how these lefty liars deliberately confuse race with Islam). When it came to fingering these Lebanese Muslim thugs the same journalists omitted the thuggery, merely describing this scum as “being of Middle Eastern appearance”. This was was a shabby attempt to reinforce the left’s despicable view that Australians are a gang of racist bigots. The following are just a few of the’ reports’ from the media that blamed Australians for the rioting.

David Marr, One-way radio plays by its own rules, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 December 2005.

David King and Dan Box, BBQs give way to ugly gang assaults, The Australian, 12 December 2005.

Real locals’ shocked by riots, AAP published by The Age, 12 December 2005.

Violence ‘won’t spread’, AAP published by The Australian, 12 December 2005.

Cronulla calm after day of chaos , AAP published by the Herald Sun, 12 December 2005.

Riots ‘affect safe tourism image’, AAP published by the Herald Sun, 12 December 2005.

Nation’s day of shame, Herald and Weekly Times, Kara Lawrence and Luke McIlveen, 12 December 2005.

Neo-Nazis in beach riots, Herald and Weekly Times, Viva Goldner and Joe Hildebrand, 12 December 2005.

Show of pride ends in disgrace, Herald and Weekly Times, Luke McIlveen, 12 December 2005.

An angry ride into the dark side of mateship, Sydney Morning Herald, Damien Murphy, 13 December 2005.

They were going to murder them, daily , Luke McIlveen and Gemma Jones, 13 December 2005.

Welcome to Cronulla –– unless you’d fit in better at Brighton, Sydney Morning Herald, Sharon Verghis, 13 December 2005.

Race riots spread to suburbs, Sydney Morning Herald, Les Kennedy, Damien Murphy, Malcolm Brown and Tim Colquhoun, 12 December 2005.

Violent beach mob ‘hides behind flag’, The Australian, Simon Kearney, 12 December 2005.

Revenge attacks in Sydney race war, The Australian, David King and Dan Box, 12 December 2005.

Let us take a quick look at some of the facts that this despicable bunch of ideologically motivated liars deliberately spiked. A gang of Lebanese Muslims invaded the beach and then began to impose sharia law by bullying a group of girls because they were wearing bikinis. These Muslim goons who evidently thought of themselves as the prophet’s morality police thought these girls should have been wearing burkas. Three greatly outnumbered lifesavers bravely stepped in to stop the bullying. These Muslim thugs attacked the lifesavers and badly beat them, rendering one of them unconscious.

It was this vicious Lebanese Muslim thuggery that sparked the riots that these lying political bigots that call themselves journalists tried to blame on Australians. For more than ten years these misogynistic thugs had been getting bolder in their demands and their violence in the face of the ALP Government’s contemptible cowardice and its refusal to order the police to enforce the rule of law against these self-appointed enforcers of sharia law.

If the riots were racially motivated, as phony journalists asserted, how come only Lebanese Muslim thugs were targeted? Why were there no Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Ceylonese, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, etc., involved? Also spiked by our self-righteous media guardians is the interesting fact that the Lebanese had been immigrating to Australia for more than 100 years without any kind of reaction from native Australians. Additionally, how did these phony journalists explain Lebanese Catholic churches being targeted by Muslims? They didn’t. That was another story the despicable left spiked.

So why is there trouble now but never before? Because nearly all of the former Lebanese immigrants were Maronites (a group in union with the Catholic Church) while the Lebanese scum that provoked the riots are Muslims who came here in the 1970s. So what is this telling us? New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney inadvertently revealed the truth when he admitted on Channel 7 that he

…sensed within some elements of this (Middle Eastern) community a hate. It’s a hate that I don’t understand, I don’t understand it as a man.

“Middle Eastern” is the multiculturalist’s code phrase for Muslim. So what we have here is Muslim hatred of Australia. Nevertheless, despite massive evidence to the contrary our leftwing media still insisted on lying — and still does — to the public. It’s true that some racists attached themselves to the mob. But to use their opportunism to smear fellow Australians as “neo-Nazis” is, unfortunately, par for the course for our agitprop ‘journos’.

The truth, something these leftwing hacks cannot tolerate, is that the Labor Government encouraged the situation to fester until uncontrolled vigilantism broke out. Intolerable as mob rule is, let us not lose sight of who was really responsible for it. As Tim Priest, a former Sydney police detective, put it:

It’s been a long time coming … and it can’t stop now…. Of course, the usual claque of agenda-driven ethnic community leaders were quick to condemn the Cronulla incidents as un-Australian and racist. Never mind the multitude of racist attacks on young Australian men and women during the past decade, which have now manifested into full-blown racial retaliation. (Blame race riots on police force neglect, The Australian, 13 December).

About eleven years ago Mr Priest also argued in The Australian

…that the increasing frequency of racially motivated attacks on young Australian men and women –– including murders, gang rapes and serious assaults by young men of Lebanese Muslim descent –– would rise dramatically throughout Australia. These problems remain widespread and have been documented in the ensuing two years. Yet the NSW Labor Government and police have failed to address the issues in any way…

So while Lebanese Muslim thuggery intensified and the incidence of their violent crimes rose, the ALP Government settled for abject surrender. The Party of the little people, of the working class, of the fair go and the toilers sacrificed the welfare of these people to the God of multiculturalism and political expediency, not to mention leftwing hatred of Australia. No wonder Howard kept on winning elections.

So how did Premier Morris Iemma deal with the situation? He told law abiding Australians to stay away from their own beaches. But what can we expect from a pusillanimous pile of crap who smeared his fellow Australians by falsely stating that the riots were “the ugly face of racism … and also the attitudes and the physical assaults that took place the weekend before”. But apparently not the abuse of non-Muslim women and the beating up of life guards by Muslim thugs.

Why did he refuse to use the ‘M’ word? Because this snivelling coward’s Lakemba electorate is dominated by — you guessed it — Lebanese Muslim thugs. It was therefore no accident that though the Lakemba mosque was notorious for its hate speech and the presence of the pro-terrorist Islamic Youth Movement that the state never interfered with its anti-Australian activities, even though these amounted to sedition. Yep, you can always count on the ALP to stab Australia in the back just as Democrats stab America in the back.

Let us not forget that in 2000 SouthWestern Sydney was terrorised by a Muslim rape gang that carefully targeted non-Muslim girls as its victims. According these savages’ religious beliefs non-Muslim women are there to be raped and tortured.

In the aftermath of the terrorist killing the ABC (Australian Bolshevik Corporation) being the ABC decided that Muslims needed another apologist. Enter the obnoxious Ruby Hamad. According to this moral midget the real problem — and I kid you not — is not Muslim terrorism but “widespread male violence and an unwillingness to even recognise, let alone confront it.” She completely ignored fact that this “widespread male violence”, all of it sanctioned by the Koran, is being perpetrated by Muslim males who are committing the vilest atrocities imaginable. This paragon of journalist virtue also smeared Australians with the baseless assertion that Muslims are facing an “anti-Islam backlash”. This lie was followed by this tasty piece of smearmongering:

In the aftermath of the Sydney siege, I hope the outpouring of support for the Muslim community will define us more than the anti-Islam sentiment that ignited immediately. But I’m sceptica.

This left-wing bigot expended 842 words apologising for Muslims out of which she could not find it in her heart, not that I think she has one, to offer the victims of this act of terrorism — which she denied was terrorism — a single word of sympathy. There is never a word of sympathy for the victims of Muslim terrorism from those who defend the Muslim community.

It is time to recognise the extremist religious fanaticism in our midst and cut it out — even if it means revoking these thugs’ citizenship and deporting them to Lebanon where, I have no doubt, they would be welcomed with open arms by Islamo-fascist terrorist groups.

Now here is something to think about:

A dissident former army major, Bernie Gaynor Jnr, says that more Australian Muslims have gone to fight with IS than have enlisted in the Australian Army this year. His claim has not been disputed by the Army.

I think it is notable that Benjamin Netanyahu, The Israeli Prime Minister, spoke out against the Muslim persecution of Christians that is now rampant throughout the Middle East. I also think it is telling that scarcely one Western leader has done so, with the exception of David Cameron. It is equally telling that not a single leftwing group has protested the persecution though the same groups are extremely active in defending Muslim aggression at home and abroad.

Note: Miranda Devine, Janet Albrechtsen, Andrew Bolt and Paul Sheehan were among the few in our so-called media who had the courage to write the truth about the hatred, thuggery and racism coming from Lebanese Muslims.

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  1. Gerrry is not the only one to point out that Muslims are the only religious group that cause trouble for their host countries. Islamic doctrine is not compatible with our way of life and that means Muslims should not be welcome.

  2. We’ve got some very unpleasant facts here. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that its insane to welcome into the country people whose faith is hostile to Australia’s existence. Just look at what’s happening in France.

  3. There seems to be a critical point at which a Muslim minority begins to bully the host country. You are seeing this in the UK and France, for example. anyone who can support Muslim immigration in the face of these facts has to be an idiot.

  4. Thanks for this placing events in balanced perspective and I loved the Australian Bolshevik Corporation comment.

    It should be noted though, that the Cronulla riots became indiscriminate targeting people with dark skin or even non-Muslim Indians with turbans. However, you are right to talk about the Lebbo rape gangs and I had not known about the sharia law bit. You show that there was extreme provocation before these events occurred.

  5. HISTORICALLY, WHENEVER MOSES GETS SPURNED, JIHADIS ARE VACUUMED IN TO REPLACE HIM – which Jihadis are driven by recognizably the same “Principalities and Powers – ” – driving successive characteristically JIHADI invasions of Israel >> Assyria 720BC, Babylon 606BC ,Greece 333BC, Rome 64BC, Rome 70AD, AND subsequent historic invasions of people-groups who had Moses, Jesus, and the Apostles, BUT SPURNED THEM in favour of PAGANISM AND DARWINISM.

  6. really Gerry,

    He came here as a refugee alleging he was a cleric a quite liberal one.
    He sought to make money from explaining the practices of the occult to people. Incompatible with islam.

    He then attempted to make merry about Australia and its forces in Iraq.
    Incompatible with Shia Islam

    He then made a ‘conversion’ to sunni Islam

    This was a man who wanted the spotlight. Aan attention getter. No question he had little intelligence.

    A terrorist would not have stretched it out and them not waited to shoot when some of the hostages ran at him. Indeed this nut case had no coherent story apart from naturally trying to associate himself with ISIL.

    He got his 15 minutes of fame which was 15 minutes too much.

    The first Islamic terrorist attack was in 1915 around Broken Hill

  7. Blah, blah, blah, blah and blather blather blather. So those Muslims the police arrested were only planning a barbecue. I suppose the Muslim demonstrators attacking the arrests are really Australian patriots dedicated to democracy and the rule of law. And Haron Moni is not a Muslim terrorist because you say so. I guess those Muslim thugs from Lakemba are really boy scouts.

    You, Notrampis, are a blithering useful idiot.

  8. You are too generous, Sarah. Notrampis is an effing idiot.

    There has been a recent series of terrorists acts in France all carried out by lone Muslims. Finally the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has publicly admitted that, “there is, as you know, a terrorist threat to France.”

    Like I said, Notrampis is an effing idiot.

  9. yes it is always bad for those lacking in thought to be presented with facts.

    you people are classic examples of projection.

    unlike Gerry I actually provide a definition ( quite a few actually) of terrorism when I talk about it. Unlike Gerry I find out about the ‘terrorist’ as well.

    The uninformed may well agree with him but he, like any here, cannot give a reason for this man’s actions. I have shown how a number go completely against Islam.

    Only an imbecile would think all Muslims are alike. Not only do Shias and Sunnis share different beliefs most terrorists come from one set of Sunni beliefs.

    All the 11/9 murders were from this sect. so were those following Al Qaeda and now ISIL. sometime in the long future some people around here may connect the dots but I doubt it.

    Oh there was a large difference between what occurred in Sydney and what occurred in France. No doubt you will not work it out!

  10. Blather blather blather. Muslims are the problem. Muslims are the only religious group that breeds terrorism. Their Koran promotes terrorism. If the left was serious about hate speech they would demand the Koran be banned.

    Mandrake is right– your an effing idiot

  11. I’ve just re-discovered this site. I’m trying to find comments by JC (Joe Cambria) – you know – He Who Can’t Be Named (HWCBN over at Catallaxy.

    Good to see Homer commenting here. The application of a bit of knowledge!

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