Muslim terrorism, the left and the Sydney killings: What is to be done?

A Muslim fanatic walked into Sydney café, pulled out a gun and took the customers and staff hostage. Two of the hostages were killed, one while heroically tackling the terrorist, and several wounded. The reaction of the terrorist-sympathising left was to go into protection mode for Muslims. The insufferable Age was able to produce a so-called report on the terrorist without mentioning the relevant fact that he is a Muslim. It did, however, call him a “self-described cleric”.

Now an Age reader would have to determine whether this cleric was a catholic, a Presbyterian, a Buddhist, a Sikh priest or maybe even one of those dastardly fanatical Quakers. Not only that, they would also assume that he was not a real cleric. What the Age did not report is that Manny Conditsis, who was the terrorist’s lawyer, definitely stated that his client “was a cleric in Iran… and that’s been established”. Terrific. A fanatical Iranian cleric was allowed into the country and now two Australians are dead. Only political correctness can explain this insanity.

 And one cannot speak of political correctness and insanity — not to mention political bigotry— without referring to the ever-so patriotic ABC (Australian Brainwashing Corporation). A mate of mine who listens to ABC Radio National Breakfast (his stomach is much stronger than mine) described how Ellen Fanning and Paul Bongiorno fawned over a so-called Muslim scholar who claimed — and don’t they all — that the terrorists’ actions had nothing to do with Islam.

Well, if terrorism has nothing to do with Islam how come these homicidal thugs are able to accurately quote great lumps from the Koran to justify their atrocities? This is one question that the cringe-inducing Fanning and Bongiorno neglected to ask. If terrorist actions are a perversion of the Koran why don’t these Muslims take to the street to denounce them? There has not been a single protest by Muslims against Muslim terrorists. Not bloody one.

The reason for the silence is simple — and it isn’t fear. They cannot denounce Muslim terrorists without denouncing the Koran. If Australia’s so-called hate speech laws were properly enforced the Koran would be banned from publication. Under the law framed by leftwing bigots a book that incites murder against those who criticise its author and his religion is protected speech while those who protest the book are prosecuted for hate speech.

This is exactly what leftists did in Victoria in 2006 when they used Bracks’ blasphemy law to relentlessly persecute two Christian pastors for the crime — and it is a crime in this state — of quoting accurately from the Koran. As expected, these pastors received no help from our heroic right-wing. (It appears that the pastors were not sufficiently important to warrant our right’s support).

This has to stop. All Muslim immigration must cease. Those guilty of promoting terrorism or associating with it in anyway should be immediately deported. The polygamy laws should be vigorously enforced. Any man caught trying to bring another ‘wife’ into the country should be charged with sex trafficking and deported, after he has done his ten years in the pokey. All Muslim schools and mosques should be subjected to strict surveillance.

It should be clear, except to leftwing morons and cowardly Liberals, that there are limits to what a civilised society should tolerate. Muslims have now reached that limit. It is time that Australia acted in its own defence.

I am sure that any Muslims that object will have no difficulty finding asylum in the newly-founded Islamic State. Who knows, perhaps they will get to enjoy the sexual pleasures of the slave market and the daily spectacle of decapitations and crucifixions?

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  1. Proof that Sinclair Davidson is a moron. Those libertarian idiots at Catallaxy say that we can beat Muslim fanatics because our ideas are better!!! What is it about the word fanatic this twit does not understand? Davidson said that “freedom will triumph over oppression because we have the better ideas and offer everyone a better future”. What a pompous idiot. Ideas did not beat Japanese imperialism—atom bombs did that. It was massive amounts of manpower and weapons that beat Hitler not ideas. Better ideas did not stop the Muslims taking over the middle-east.

  2. Gerry is spot on about demonstrations. That Muslims never protest terrorism is proof to me that they don’t belong in Australia.

  3. You might not have heard any muslims denouncing ISIL, al quaeda etc I have.

    you ban all muslims from emigrating you do not get any converts which has occurred with refugees coming here.

    now i have no support for Islam. It is evil and like all religions satanic. ( Christianity is not a religion!) but all the terrorists have one thing in common.

    They are extreme followers of a certain type of sunni Islam. There are not a lot of them

    you cannot lump them all together. That isl ike putting mr with a catholic!

    This madman changed from Shia to Sunni and was under charges regarding murder and sex.

    his apparent fanaticism occurred because by doing this it would absolve his many sins .

    He is now rotting in hell not in paradise!

  4. Ref: Nottrampis:

    These thugs are not “extreme followers of a certain type of sunni Islam”. They follow the Koran literally, as every Muslim is expected to do. Everything they do and say comes from that book. No Muslim has contradicted them because he knows he can’t. I don’t care how many Muslims condemn these sadistic psychopaths in private. Until they publicly denounce them and explain to us why their murderous actions could not possibly be justified by the Koran, meaning Mohammad’s writings, I will stand by every word I wrote.

  5. Good for you, Gerry. Nottrampis must be out of his head. Muslim states are intolerant states. Wherever Muslims go they bring their intolerance and their bigotry with them. I see no reason to put ourselves at risk just because not all Muslims are fanatics.

  6. People like Nottrampis are useful idiots. Islamic beliefs are incompatible with our democratic way of life. That means to me that genuine Muslims have no business being in Australia.

  7. Some people obviously are simple here.

    I regard Islam as an evil religion.
    Always have always will.

    I have heard muslims denounce such action. more than a few times.

    on your logic the Pope would be denouncing the IRA in the 70s and 80s.

    I do agree that a reading of the Koran with the Hadiths will give some credence to these actions but that is ONLY the province of a small sect of sunni muslims not all of them.

  8. Tommyrot, as we used to say. There is nothing in Christian doctrine, meaning the New Testament that justifies terrorism, the killing of apostates, the murder of critics. conquest, the beating of women, torture and extortion. That you could even think of comparing a gang of murdering secularists with a bunch of Islamic fanatics and then bring the pope into it is truly incredible.

    The Koran is riddled with calls to do violence to those who will not submit to Islam. Now I will repeat myself.

    Until these so-called moderate Muslims publicly denounce these terrorists and explain to us why their murderous actions could not possibly be justified by the Koran, meaning Mohammad’s writings, I will stand by every word I wrote.

  9. I never said that and you know it.That is a red herring.

    There are very few muslims here who believe in the examples you claim. Indeed I have heard denials to each of the on the radio quite a few times. The Koran is both very repetitive and ambiguous

    The turkey who was killed made money of the occult. does that sound like Islam to you.
    It doesn’t to me.
    I think the more information we hear about this man the more we know he changes his views a lot as I have shown on my blog.

    Indeed I have given a number of definition of terrorism and this deranged idiot does pass muster.

    always best to know the facts before Katesying yourself Gerry.

    By the way if you banned muslims from immigrating ( which I assume takes into account Refugees) what do you think it would do to actual terrorist incidents in Australia?

  10. Trust Nottrampis to do something stupid like bring the pope into it. Now he says we mustn’t ban immigration from Muslim countries because that might create muslim terrorism at home. He just shot himself in the foot and he is too dumb to notice.

  11. Gerry is right. By refusing stand up and publicly denounce Muslim terrorism Muslims condemn themselves. Gerry also hit the nail on the head with his Koran comment. There is no getting away from the fact that no Muslim has shown where the Koran condemns these people. This is a fact that Nottrampis refuses to recognise. I have to admit I loved his bit about the pope.

  12. Nottrampis is in denial. First he drags the pope into it then he drags in the occult. the scumbag was a Muslim terrorist so what’s there to argue about?

  13. The comments section is working fine but there’s a bug on the posting side. When it’s finally sorted out I’ll be posting again.

  14. I’m sorry but logic is not high here,
    If all of you are deaf and never hear muslims in Australia denounce acts like 11/9 you obviously do not listen to AM or PM for example.
    On that line of thought the Pope should have been denouncing the IRA everytime they did a violent act.
    If you think banning all Muslims from immigrating here then you are as mad as Katesy.

    You do need to define terrorism by the way.

    I have done this on my blog. Once you understand the history of the madman then it is highly debatable whether he was a muslim.

    something that no-one has yet to register.

  15. by the way the koran does condemn murder. Good call
    As I said the Koran is both highly repetitive and contradictory.

  16. See a shrink, Nottrampis. The IRA is a secularist terror group. Muslim fanatics are not. Pope Benedict actually condemned the IRA for murdering two British soldiers. I am no catholic but I know the Vatican condemns terrorism. According to your crazy logic the pope should get on the television every time the Mafia murders someone. Gerry’s is the valid and not yours. Dragging the pope into it was a despicable red herring.

    And your right. The Koran condemns murder. but it’s the murder of Muslims it condemns.

    The Koran is the word of Mohammed and not the word of God. This man personally called for the murder of those who resisted him. He demands that apostates be executed. He then joked about their grisly deaths.There is also this about non-believers.

    “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”.

    He called Jews apes and pigs. Wake up, man. this theme runs through the Koran. Gerry is right, anyone who believes in the word of the Koran, as every Muslim claims to do, should not be in Australia. These people you defend should not be trusted until they publicly denounce the Koran.

    Gerry is also right in pointing to the fact that there have never been any Muslim demonstrations against Muslim terrorist.

    So cut the crap.

  17. Back again, Notrampis. How stupid do you think we are? IRA terrorism was not motivated by religion and the pope had nothing to do with it. They were not fighting to put people under the rule of the Vatican. Islamic terrorists are waging a terrorist campaign to force people to submit to Islam. Everything they do comes from the Koran and is in the tradition of Mohammed. If this is not true then why aren’t Muslims saying so and proving it? These maniacs quote accurately from the Koran and you know it but still deny it. If the people you refer to are real Muslims they must believe every word of the Koran. If they do they shouldn’t be in Australia and we shouldn’t let any more in.

    Another point, why is it always Muslims that cause the trouble? This is something gerry pointed out but you ignored it.

    No matter how much you try to whitewash the situation that Muslim fanatic was a terrorist and acted on his Islamic principles.

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