Steven Spielberg: Castro stooge and political bigot

Some people think I treated Steve Spielberg unfairly by lumping him with Hollywood’s mad left. But Spielberg’s sympathies for the sadistic Castro are no secret. Despite the fact that Castro’s record  of murder, terrorism, torture and anti-Semitism is well documented the proudly progressive Spielberg still idolises him.

A few years ago a group of brave Cuban democrats publically challenged Castro’s tyranny. He immediately sentenced them to life in his tropical gulag. Being a decent progressive Steve Spielberg was naturally outraged at this injustice. Unable to contain himself he had Andy Spahn of  Dreamworks complain to the Wall Street Journal that Castro was the real victim here and not those trouble-making dissidents.

If that bullying Bush had not “provoked” (sic) Castro into taking action those good-for nothings they would not have been beaten up and then dragged into a labour camp. Although the sensitive, caring and freedom-loving Spahn did not actually mention President Bush by name he did smear Bush appointee James Cason who at the time headed the American mission in Havana and who represented the US Government.

Spielberg and Spahn were incensed by Carson’s audacity in meeting with these dissidents in their own homes.  This pair actually think it was utterly outrageous for an official representative of the United States to meet with patriotic Cubans whose only wish is to transform Castro’s island prison into a democracy. This is from the same leftwing Hollywood mob that falsely and maliciously accused Bush of trying to “crush dissent” at home.

And who is Andy Spahn? He is another fanatical leftist and close friend of comrade Tabankin. He supported the Soviet Union and defends Castro’s murderous regime by blaming his crimes on America. (He should get on well with Obama and his mouthpiece Jay Carney). He also a member of a small but extremely influential group of so-called political consultants who advise the likes of  Quincy Jones, Barbara Streisand, Richard Dreyfus, Tom Hanks, Rob Reiner, etc. Their real role is not to advise but to feed these political cretins the Party Line which they eagerly lap up and then mindlessly parrot.

My criticism of Spielberg is not guilt by association. Spielberg’s admiration for the Castro’s tyranny is on record. Spielberg is so enamoured with the way that Castro rules his hapless subjects that he told the Wall Street Journal (11 April 2003) that his private audience with the great Castro were “the eight most important hours of my life”. Somehow I very much doubt that Castro’s many thousands of victims share Spielberg’s pubescent idolisation of this blustering caudillo, particularly the relatives of those children that were murdered on Castro’s orders, a crime that not a single Hollywood leftist objected to.

deMarzoThat’s right, folks, he actually ordered the murder of children. On 13 July 1994 Castro the Liberator ordered that the10 children and 22 adults trying to escape from his communist paradise on the tugboat Trece de Marzo be killed. A few years later we find the child-loving Steven Spielberg kissing the blood stained hands of this child-killer. While this snivelling little lickspittle was paying homage to this sadist Juan Carlos González Leiva was being tortured by his secret police for the heinous crime of demanding freedom for Cuba.

What is interesting is that while many Hollywood Jews have been sucking up to Castro he was busy driving out Jews to the extent that Cuba’s Jewish population has virtually disappeared.  The irony is that while Steven Spielberg, director of Schindler’s List, was licking Castro’s backside El Commandante was trying to inflame anti-Semitism in Cuba by publishing books like The Fascism of the Star of David and The Other Face: The Truth about the Secret Relationships between Nazism and Zionism.

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  1. For Chrissakes what is wrong with these people? Castro massacres a group of women and children and Spielberg falls over himself to lick his boots! Now that I have read this I doubt if I can ever watch another Spielberg film. The man is loathsome.

  2. This article put paid to any doubts I had about Gerry’s piece on communism in Hollywood. It’s incredible just how politically stupid and ill-informed these people are. That they grovel to murderous thugs because they are socilists is sickening. I just don’t understand it.

  3. There is more to it than that, Eddy. If they were just posing they wouldn’t hire a bunch of Marxist activists to tell them what to think and say. This tells you that they feel terribly insecure intellectually and that they know they are horribly ignorant of the real world. It still does not excuse them sucking up to a child-killer.

  4. I think there is a lot of truth here. It can’t be just one thing that drives their trendy politics. Hollywood has never produced thinkers and it never will. People like Hanks, Rheiner, Clooney, Paul Newman got rich and famous by memorising scripts and successfully playing characters. This is their mentality. All that these smarty leftists have done is feed their egos and empty skulls by feeding them left wing snake oil which they swallowed and regurgitated.

  5. After I read Gerry’s first article on this subject I looked up Otto Katz. Gerry was completely right about him. but what is it about a failed and vicious political dogma that these Hollywood socialists love? It’s the same with Norman Lear and James Cameron. They preach about the environment while while flying about in private jets. They would never get away with it if the media were not collaborating with them.

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