The Australian Greens and their Liberal Party allies part I

Gerry Jackson
6 February 2023

The manner of the decline and virtual destruction of the Victorian state Liberal Party helps explain  the role so-called ‘moderates’ and cynical opportunists played in bringing down the Scott Morrison government thereby advancing the Australian Greens’ anti-growth policies.

In 2002 election year the Victorian Liberal Party, always ready to shoot itself in both feet, replaced as leader of the party the disastrous Denis Naphine with the catastrophic Robert Doyle. The result was a humiliating and unprecedent electoral route. Determined to take the Liberal Party further down the road to political oblivion the ‘moderate’ Mr Doyle haughtily  declared in 2003 that Victoria needed to implement “sustainability” policies because the free market is  a menace to the environment.

This is an echo of the greens’ deceitful canard that the market is wasteful, that it pollutes the environment, that it is rapidly depleting the planet’s natural resources and that it ignores the needs of future generations. Another so-called green critique is the assertion that entrepreneurs are short-sighted, greedy and seek only quick profits at the expense of the community. In addition, the market lacks the foresight, knowledge and the resources that only green policies can command. In short, Doyle came across as an Adam Bandt1 min-me. So why was Michael Kroger one of his very keen supporters?

As mayor of Melbourne Doyle stated, in his typical bombastic fashion, that “urban sprawl” should cease because it threatens farm land. However, the same self-righteous Doyle, who calls himself a ‘moderate’, has no objection to the same land being smothered in solar panels or deeply scarred by monstrous wind turbines. What gives here? Why did he consider urban development that houses ordinary working Australian families bad for agriculture but not destructive solar farms”? For those of you too young to remember urban sprawl used to be called urban development.

Proving that they are incapable of learning from their mistakes the party appointed the effete Ted Baillieu as party leader. He managed to scrape out a win in 2010 but resigned after two years to be replaced by the craven milksop Denis Naphine who allowed fanatical anti-greens to bully him into banning fracking. No wonder this weathervane ‘moderate’ (that word again) lost the election to the execrable and thuggish Dan Andrews whose corrupt administration has misruled Victoria for eight years and will continue to do so for at least another four years. (Andrews is the same corrupt political left-wing goon that had Cardinal Pell jailed on false criminal charges.)  Naphine was quickly replaced by Michael O’Brien, another ‘moderate’ and a man with all the principles, determination and fighting spirit of a stuffed rabbit. He in turn was replaced by the very ‘moderate’ Matthew Guy, the man who thinks the Catholic Church is an extremist organisation2.

In July 2022 there was a state Liberal meeting. It was there that the spineless Guy made sure the base got his newly minted green message.  The attendees, all party members, were particularly angry with Asher Judah, Guy’s messenger of doom, who told the meeting in no uncertain terms that Guy had decided to adopt the Greens’ insane energy policy and would now go all out on massive destructive solar farms and solar batteries. When asked about nuclear power Guy’s ‘queen of mean’ snapped that the people did not want it3, despite the attendees wanting it. This is how the Liberal Party establishment treats its base while giving the Australian Greens a pass.

It was Guy’s dipstick advisors4, the ones who preach political moderation, who came up with the loony idea of outflanking Andrews’ by making an  insane promise to legislate an emissions reduction target of 50 per cent by 2030. Unfortunately for the Liberal Party, and Guy,  this pathetic tactic helped to bring him down in flames. After this humiliation the party establishment appointed (I say appointed because the establishment doesn’t really believe in elections) none other than the resuscitated Michael O’Brien. The final result is another win for the anti-growth greens. These defeats enabled Andrews to permanently enshrine in the State’s constitution an anti-science ban on fracking5.

It should be no surprise that a political party that welcomes dolts and so-called ‘moderates’ like Christopher Pyne, Robert Doyle, Ted Baillieu, Denis Naphine, Michael O’Brien, Matthew Guy along with so many others into the party should suffer so many defeats. It was  Doyle who put out the welcome mat for feckless grandstanding Malcolm Turnbull who then knifed his way into the Lodge with the help of treacherous ‘moderates’ who feared the next election would put paid to the generous salaries and perks they now treated as a feudal right.

It didn’t take chameleon Turnbull long to fully unfurl his green banner. Move over, Tom Cruise, Turnbull was a man on a real mission to save the planet from those greedy capitalist exploiters. He constantly warned us peasants that economic growth, that awful thing that raises our standard of living, is rapidly consuming the planet’s finite resources. Clearly, the end was nigh. The genius who bequeathed Australians a monstrous white elephant called Snowy 2.0, the mastermind who claimed he could make our mining industry more efficient by issuing a Tsarist edict to raise the price of our commodities. So according to this brilliant economist the way to improve productivity is to artificially raise the price of the product! Despite his economic stupidity the Liberal Party establishment said nothing. Even worse, these losers are still supporting Snowy 2.0.

1Adam Bandt article link

2Bernie Finn was a State liberal Party MP who was expelled by Matthew Guy for essentially expressing Catholic doctrine on abortion. Leftists and so-called moderate Liberal MPs immediately called for the man’s expulsion. According to Guy Catholics are now longer welcome in the Liberal Party.

3Guy and Asher Judah were simply parroting public opinion polls, which amounts to parroting green propaganda.

4These are the same dipsticks who advised Guy to focus on electorates that were never going to vote for him.

5Dan Andrews and the greens have told the most outrageous lies about fracking. It doesn’t poison water, it doesn’t damage farm land and it does not cause earth quakes. Note that Andrews does not want to save farm land from solar panels, wind turbines or the greens proposed regulations. In short, there is no scientific evidence to justify a ban on fracking or gas and Andrews knows it.

2 thoughts on “The Australian Greens and their Liberal Party allies part I”

  1. Gerry’s attack on the libs is spot on. One of the reason I left the Victorian Liberal Party years ago because of those phony moderates. What a gang of fakes. Then there was Kroger who liked to be called the king maker. He liked to parade around as if he owned the party.

  2. It’s about time somebody from the right gave the Libs a good kicking. Theres not a single conservative among the whole gang.

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