Why do the very rich fund America-hating leftists?

Gerard Jackson

Just a few words on  what to many people, is the amazing spectacle of America’s super rich

lavishing “soak-the-rich” Democrats with oodles of money and other means of material support. So let us take a quick look at some of America’s top-drawer citizens.  There is Warren Buffett who seems to think that his accumulation of billions has made him into a superior human being. We have George Soros whose financial success convinced him that he is an intellectual and moral giant but whose hands drip with the blood of innocents. One need only give this psychopath’s writings on politics and economics a cursory look to see the extent of his ignorance.

Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, came out of the same repulsive intellectual mould as Soros and Buffett. And let us not omit the insufferable late Herbert Sandler of Golden West Financial.  Then there was the equally insufferable America-hating Hannah Weinstein1. Standing among these self-appointed  paragons of financial and moral virtue is Lloyd Blankfein, former chief executive of Goldman Sachs.

There is nothing new in the phenomenon of the very rich entertaining and financing anti-democratic ideas. When thinking of these people the case of Alexander Lazarevich Helphand, aka Parvus, springs to mind. Helphand was also a dedicated Marxist-Leninist whose fortune was greatly augmented by WW I. (Incidentally, it was Parvus and not Trotsky who dreamed up the idea of “permanent revolution”). He used his wealth to help finance Lenin’s takeover of the Russian state. His reward? Lenin barred him from ever entering Russia again. In 1925 he died in exile of a heart attack2.

 In his address to West Point General Macarthur told the student body that what mattered was “Duty, Honor, Country”. The Democrats have abandoned any sense of duty or patriotism; they have put the lust for power above Honour. And perhaps worst of all, they are betraying their country. Let us not forget that it is the Democrats who weaponised the Department of Justice and the FBI (now known as the Fascist Bureau of Intimidation) and then unleashed them on their political enemies. It is the Democrats who had parents designated domestic terrorists, It is the Democrats who used the Russia Hoax in an effort to overturn an elected government. It is the Democrats who abolished the southern border so they could bring in millions of third-world illegal aliens in the hope of giving them the vote thereby creating a de facto dictatorship run by themselves.

The result has been a massive increase in drug smuggling and the trafficking of women and children for sex by the Mexican cartels which got them  US$13 billion in the last 12 months or so.  No wonder America’s fake media love them.  None of this will be reported by the Australian media because they have put a veto on any news from the southern border that reflects badly on Joe Biden. Just ask the editor of Murdoch’s Australian. whose Washington correspondent, Adam Creighton, is a bloody disgrace.

The reason I focused on the aged rich instead of  Silicon Valley’s detestable and cowardly new super rich, who callously treat the little people with utter contempt, is because I wanted to show that there is nothing new in very rich people funding the attempted destruction of their own societies. Moreover, these billionaires are not geniuses. Soros’ economic scribblings are a joke as are his comments about Karl Popper. Buffett’s economic ramblings would get him thrown out of a serious economics course. The economic nostrums of Silicon Valley billionaires are risible.

The remarkable thing about these people, remarkable, that is, to ordinary sensible people, is that they never made the slightest effort to explain their actions. But this is only because they would then have been forced to publicly defend them, opening themselves open to a very unpleasant public backlash.

During the last few decades I met all sorts of businessmen and many reminded me of the brilliant insight of that great business philosopher Mr. Bernstein who observed that

…it’s no trick to make a lot of money, if all you want is to make a lot of money. You take Mr. Kane, it wasn’t money he wanted. Thatcher never did figure him out. Sometimes, even I couldn’t3.


1Hanna Weinstein was a communist fellow traveller who left the US in 1950 for the UK because of the anti-communist movement. She bought an estate on which they filmed the highly successful TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood that she also produced. She returned to the US in 1962 and proceeded to promote the pro-Hanoi war movement that masqueraded as peace movement. She also continued her career as a movie producer.

2General Dmitri Volkogonov, Lenin, Free Press, 1994, pp. 110-125.

3Citizen Kane, 1941.

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